If you have been familiar with the classic io game that has the theme of the black hole, prepare yourself for another good gaming selection called Yumy.io. This is provided by IO land with the retrospect to create the best platform for the daredevils who love to compete against other online players. This kind of game tests your abilities to react and think quickly, as well as a good sense of direction.

Your task is to create the biggest blackhole possible from the small one at the beginning of the game. By collect the buildings, props and roads then suck them into the hole, you can gain the scores. However, avoid touching other players because the bigger black holes will kill you.

There are a lot of discovery chances in the big city, so let’s start roaming the map at http://iogames.name/ now! A total of 4 game modes are available for kids of all ages. You will have to take the challenges from Deathmatch, Ego, Team and IO mode. Each of them has its own special tasks and features, therefore, pay attention to the details. Any object on the street will be helpful for you.

The common ground for all these modes is the elaborated graphics and 3D design to satisfy the players with the best gaming time. After finishing this one, why don’t you take the challenge to another level with other games like Tombr.io and Bois.io?

How to play:

Use the mouse cursor to move the hole and suck the objects.

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