Prepare yourself to tackle another fun multiplayer IO game with the classic theme of worms moving around. If you have been familiar with io games in IO 2019, you might have already known about the main rule of this game. By eating many orbs and glowing dots to become the biggest worm on the field, you will gain the high score which is enough to rank first on the Leaderboard. That is the ultimate goal of this interesting game.

There are players from all around the world interacting and communicating with you during your play time in this game. The fun part lies in dividing your cells into multiple parts. Dividing your worms will decrease your mass yet create more chances to fool the enemy and gather more food while being a large worm is much more intimidating.

Choose the right option depending on your current situation. It’s best to avoid colliding with other dangerous obstacles since they will cut your worm in pieces. The edge of the frame is dangerous as well since it tends to be the place with lots of players. The game requires a set of skills ranging from multitasking to communicating. Since the game is created based on the inspiration from Slither.io, you will find the same vivid and colorful layout with glowing dots as food for the worms.

But the more you play, the more unique points you will be able to find at http://iogames.name/. We have more options for io fans in games such as BigfoxWarz.io and Twix.io!


Use the mouse to move

X to divide the worm.

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