Wormo.io must be one of the most famous io games for kids in the collection at IO land. This new version will bring back the old memory of growing your own worm in order to reach the maximum size. Will your worm be able to dominate the big platform?

Surviving the attacks from tough competitors is not an easy thing to do. But when the players manage to master the technique, this game will be a fun choice for kids and adults of all ages! Move your worm around the map freely. A tip for the new players is to check out the positions of the energy dots in order to find the right direction to move toward.

It’s very important to collect energy items because if you don’t collect them, you can’t grow bigger. Moreover, while absorbing the energy dots, chances are you will be able to gather some extra coins and bonuses as well. At http://iogames.name/ the worms can even shoot at the other players to make the game more interesting. You will not have to run away from the attackers like in the old io games anymore!

Just gather enough power and shoot back. Don’t stay in one place since this can turn you into an easy target. Using the boosters correctly and at the right timing will turn you into a champ! Tackle new challenges with other io characters in games like Swaarm.io and Gotia.io

How to play:

Use the left mouse click to shoot and hold to boost the character.

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