Wilds.io is a bloody battle with thousands of the players around the world on io games for free. I bet that many people will not understand why this type of game is so attractive. The only reason is that you are not alone here. You will have the chance to play with other talented players and make friends everywhere. Moreover, this game will give players many levels of emotions such as suspense, regret, speed and passion. What are you thinking? Jump into this cool battle at iogames now! Keep your mind to attack your opponents continuously until they run out of energy in the match. Besides, another important mission for you is to collect as many advanced weapons as possible and power-ups along the way. Don’t forget to use them at the right time and defeat waves of enemies in the battle. Be careful with the attackers behind because they are extremely dangerous and often attack suddenly on you. Everything is available for you at io games! Fight

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Control: Mouse

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