Unicorn .io is an awesome multiplayer online IO game about cute unicorns that kill each other to lead the match. Enter a nickname, customize your horned pony and start the game.

Collect hearts and take them to the blue structures indicated on the map to increase your horn’s size. You can also hit the hearts for health if you were attacked by other players. Try to be the best on the field and destroy all your opponents. Enjoy Unicorn IO!

Great! Another interesting online multiplayer game is for you to play at games io. With lively colors and amusing sounds, Unicorn .io promises to give players minutes of wonderful relaxation. Type a nickname, incarnate a unicorn and click the Play button to start the game! Here at io games, in a cute background you have to struggle for existence. In the struggle, you need to constantly find out hearts, collect and take them to the blue structures to make your horn bigger and stronger. Following the map will help you do the tasks fluently, it will let you know where you are and where to move next. Other players in the game are your opponents and they can attack you at any time. In some cases, you can hide in white clouds if they are close to you, or in other cases, you can also hit the hearts for health. At anyway, don’t be attacked too many times, you will lose the game. Try your best and watch the movements in the raking table, just move up! Put your feet up at .io games! Controls: Use arrow keys or WASD to move.

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