Tugs .io is an awesome Online Multiplayer Weapon Shooting Game in IO2018. Enter a nickname and step into a merciless battle full of players from different parts of the world trying to be number 1 on the scoreboard. You start with iogames a weak little handgun to protect yourself, but as you collect orbs scattered all over the field, you will get the chance to grab a bigger, cooler and more powerful weapon, stepping into the circles on the map. Try to get as far as possible to increase your score and kill all other players before they shoot the crap out of you.

Circles that require a greater amount of bars will provide devastating weapons. When entering a circle your health is also automatically restored. Be careful and collect your weapon quickly as other players can steal it! Use your weapons to eliminate the enemy players and try to dominate Tugs.io!

Once this bar is full, you can then seek out one of the weapon circles on the map and enter it in free io games. Once you are inside you can trade your power bars for a new and improved weapon!  As you start the game your character is equipped with a basic pistol which is quite weak. To improve your firepower and collect new weapons you must collect the scattered material around the level. As you collect material the power bar in the bottom left corner fills up. Have fun playing at http://iogames.name/. In addition, you can play games similar to: Goons .io  or Piaf .io!

Tugs.io Strategy

You can’t win if you don’t have a good weapon. You should summon has much as you can. Tier 0 has the lowest drop rates for good weapons, so you should try to level up to 1 or 2 and then summon as much as possible.

How to Play Tugs.io

Use W,S,A and D to move your Tug, and left click to shoot. That’s it !

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