Sworm IO is one of the most popular multiplayer games at IO. This game has received much positive feedback from many players around the world. One of the most important factors that attracts a large number of players is graphic design. The graphics of the game are incredibly eye-catching and lively. True 3D animation and motion effects give players a great gameplay. Light effects from the smallest details also contribute to the success of the game. So, when playing this game, you will have the most realistic and lively feel. What is your mission in this exciting multiplayer game like the game bonk.io unblocked? Your biggest mission is to control your snake carefully and wisely and help it eat all bright spots on the screen. These light colored blocks will help your snake become longer and improve its energy. The more particles of light your snake collects, the longer your snake is in the battle. To destroy the other snakes, you just trick so that it crashes into your body. Then you collect its pile of energy and become stronger. In particular, enemies will attack you in the same way. Be careful with the big snakes because they can kill you at any time during battle. Are you ready to become the largest snake in the world? Join this multiplayer game and show off your talent. If you want to play more with other multiplayer games, try at Survive.io

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