Superspin.io provides a virtual platform for the spinner players to compete with friends from tons of different countries and territories. More than just a simple io game where you need to defeat the others to be the winner, in this new game, it’s also possible to update your spinner. You can create your own spinner with a unique design, elaborated features of speed and glowy light and many more! All of these updates can be purchased from the store at http://iogames.name/.

First, absorbing energy to make the spinner become stronger is very important to survive in the battle. Should you fail to move constantly and absorb more dots, your spinner might become an easy target. You can choose to go sweeping around and hit others after gaining enough strength and update the character. The real-time multiplayer feature and amazing graphics create a thrilling experience as well as a feast for the eyes. Joining a spinning competition is now possible with just a click on our Io free game collection!

However, pay attention to the location of other players on the map so as to avoid being attacked randomly. If you steer clear of the edges, it is less likely that you will be pushed to the side or the rear end of the map. For more games from this category, why don’t you take a look at games like Pacman.io and Aquapark.io?


Use the mouse to move, left mouse click to boost.

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