Starve.ioc(Starveio) is the most fun-addicting multiplayer online IO game at iogames.name. In Starve.io you are completely by your own in the middle of the woods and you have only one object in mind: survive.

You start with nothing but your bare hands, so start crafting resources such as wood and food. Build tools to craft other resources and to protect yourself from wild animals.

Survival skills are one of the most important skills that everyone needs to train. Would you like to test and explore more with this skill? This chance is for you! Jump into Starve.io at io games and find out how long you can survive.

In this fun multiplayer game, you get lost in a poisoned forest alone and your ultimate goal is to survive and escape the forest. Here, you do not have any support tools, no helpers, no teammates, no home, no food, no drinking water. All you have is survival skills and courage.

Especially in this forest, you will face many difficulties and dangers such as giant beasts and excellent enemies. They will appear everywhere and always find ways to destroy you at any time. To destroy them, you have to move constantly in the forest, looking for enemies and waiting for the opportunity to attack them.

In addition, you need to collect other materials such as wood, stone, fire, light for use in special circumstances. Everything is available for you at here. Have a great time!

But be careful, other players are also trying to see another day, and they might not be so friendly with you. So hunt, craft, light fire, fight and be strong, specially during the dark and cold nights full of danger. Enjoy Starveio!

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Controls: WASD = move, Mouse = craft / attack / build


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