Snake 3D is the first application by IOgames.name. Slither through the wild like a real snake in the fun online multiplayer game Snakes 3D.


It is an adaptation under Android of a small game initially developed with OpenGL under Windows.


It is the classic game of the serpent revisited in 3D. The snake must eat the frog (the green cube) which makes it grow. He dies if he touches a wall or his own body.


To turn right, slide your finger to the right, to turn left, slide your finger to the left.


You can also change the viewpoint by sliding up or down.


Application tested on Galaxy Tab 2 and SONY Tipo … it should work on most tablets.


You can pause the game with two fingers, in this mode you can turn around your snake by sliding your finger

Look for food and eat other snakes to increase your mass and become the biggest of all. Have fun!


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