Snake IS is a fun-addicting, snake-themed multiplayer online game inspired by the popular Slither.io. Control a little snake and slither through the map eating tons of shining dots to get bigger and bigger.

Snakes die when they hit their heads with their own, or other players’ bodies, so once you are big enough, try to trap other snakes by closing them with your body, wait until they get killed and absorb their rests to get much larger at IO games 2018. You can dash to trick your opponents in order to eliminate them or escape from them. This game offers a really smooth gameplay and nice cartoonish graphics. See if you can become the biggest snake on the map.

Get front of an others to beat it. No size matters.

From the creators of Cel, snake.io has no lag issues, performance problems and also have controls designed for every mobile device.

Some of the main features:

– No Lag. No performance issues on any device
– Smooth gameplay with mobile controls with joystick
– No advert push. Also remove ads if you want
– Try to beat your highest score based on your length
– Eject mass to get speed with one button
– Grow fast to achieve a faster gameplay on mobile
– Internet connection is not needed, play wherever, you are offline or online

Game is still in development. Your reviews are important for us!Enjoy Snakeis! Lose some weight

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Controls: Mouse = move, Left click = dash

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