Soccer – the king of sports once again is reproduced in a unique way in SlimeCup.io. It promises to bring you hours of fun as well as gives you a chance to prove your skills. This is a multiplayer soccer game which means you will get into the battles with many people around the world. At there, you control a bouncy and chewy slime and try to get many scores as possible in order to become slime champion. It features a simple gameplay and graphics that do not affect the playing experience but makes you love it more. However, it seems to be easy but actually quite difficult to master. You navigate your character move around, 360 degrees and try your best to kick and headbutt the ball into your opponent team’s goal. Some useful tips for you is that remember to avoid the defense and make a jump to shoot further. Team up with other players and lead your team to the victory to win Slime Cup. Have fun! Instructions: Use Arrow keys or WASD to move, Spacebar to kick and jump.

SlimeCup.io is a multiplayer soccer game in which you control a chewy slime! Ready for some multiplayer online IO fun with IO games? In this cool soccer SlimeCup IO game, you can play team matches of up to 4 player on each side.

Ready for some multiplayer online IO fun? In this cool soccer SlimeCup IO game, you can play team matches of up to 4 player on each side. You play as a fat, googly eyed ball of slime and your objective is to get the ball into your opponent team’s goal.

Try to control the ball avoiding the defense and push the bouncy ball with a jump to shoot it and score one goal after another. Lead your team to the victory to win the Slime Cup. Have fun with SlimeCupio!

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Controls: WASD = move, Mouse = look around, Space = jump

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