Relmz.io creates a platform for a massively multiplayer online wild game where you need to work together with others in order to survive. The wilderness is one of the toughest challenges in this IO new game. Each player needs to control his or her own character and join forces with the chosen team to kill the monsters. Collect items that are on the ground to discover the bonuses or boosters that are inside.

By defeating the monsters, you will gain currency, which can be used at the store. Purchasing new weapons and equipment will increase your chance of surviving and damage range. The rule is that you need to be bigger than the opponents to defeat them, therefore, refrain from fighting a powerful opponent the moment you just join the game.

It takes time to grow in size and find other teammates, so patience is an important virtue for the players here at http://iogames.name/. Vivid graphics and greatly designed map are two highlights in terms of designing features in this game, which play a huge part in optimizing the experience for our players.

You can even customize the camera angle to help you keep track of the progress better. After this game, take some time to check out other good options like Worms.io and BigfoxWarz.io as well!


Use the right mouse to rotate the camera

Left mouse to move and interact

E key to access inventory.

Zoom in and out using the mouse scroll.

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