Welcome to the multiplayer battle of Powerline.io at The best io game ever ! The game will feature the participation of thousands of talented players from different countries. They have many excellent and professional playing techniques. So, you can learn many skills and make friends around the world.

In this game, you will control a color line to move on the screen. Other players will also control different colored lines and participate in a battle. Your aim and the other players is to defeat all your opponents and become the best player in the world. In this battle at iogames.name, the number of players will not be limited, so you will have to fight with multiple players in the same time.

Your greatest goal is to survive as long as possible in battle. To do this, you need to control the color lines carefully and avoid colliding with other players. Don’t forget to pick up light beads on the screen because they will help you increase in size and improve your energy in battle.

How to destroy the enemy? You just make them crash into your body. Then you can pick up the enemy’s energy resources to grow bigger. In particular, you should remember that enemies will also attack you at the same way. So, you have to avoid colliding with other lines. In particular, when you own a long line of large size, you may find it difficult to control and attack the enemy.

Besides, if many enemies attack you in a single moment, you need to move wisely and hide in safe areas. Don’t forget to play more io games at warpix io Good luck!

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