PIE AI is a fun fast-paced multiplayer online game in which you have to eat tons of desserts to earn calories. Hop around and eat different kinds of pies, cinnamon rolls, and other delicious treats at IO games.

Jump straight into a sugary world. Eat all sort of pies and other players to get stronger and bigger!

But look out and don’t get covered in jam! The flying drones are after you and will drop jam bombs relentlessly! You do not want to become a free meal for other players with io for school!

Try the team mode to play cooperatively with other players all around the world, capture the flags and rush to the vending machine to get your lunchbox and gold!

Avoid being eaten by other merciless players or getting covered in red jam. Collect hammers and keys to get to locked areas and use helpful bonuses to keep surviving this mess.

We have many different skins for players of all ages to enjoy. Give it a go as pie.ai is the only strawberry jam-filled multiplayer .IO game in the World, yummy! 🙂

Your feedback is much welcome as we are constantly improving the game, so please don’t hesitate to reach out on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or via email for any question and suggestion. Have fun!

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Controls: Mouse

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