The classic Pac-Man game has been updated with new coordinated features of an io game to make the gaming experience much better! Come to compete against many players from all around the world in Pacman.io, a recently added game at io games for kids. From a large map to the real-time chatbox, the classic game has transformed into a new spin-off where the players need to move faster than in the old one.

In order to survive and grow your character, it’s crucial that you try to collect all the beans scattered around the map. The more you collect, the faster your Pacman will grow. One of the prominent rules of io games is that bigger players can attack and devour smaller ones, therefore, you need to avoid being swallowed when you first join the game. But when you manage to grow in size and gather more bonuses, boosters, it’s time for you to roam the map and claim the top spot. More energy can be gained thanks to devouring the other characters. There is a list of top players on the right side of the screen at http://iogames.name/ so that you can keep track of the game progress.

Also, it’s helpful to use the obstacles as a way to steer clear of the attacks. More games with io features such as Tombshot.io and Slaim.io can also be fun to play, so don’t miss them out!


Move with the mouse cursor, boost speed using the left mouse click or the space bar.

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