Ovar.io – capture the most ovarios in this PvP game of funny sperms at games free IO! The journey of a little sperm cell is about to begin. Compete with other players to win as many ovarios as possible.

Ovar is a MOBA io game about sperm fighting. Become the champion in Ovar.io and get fertilised. It has finally come to this! Take control of a little sperm and race towards the egg in this funny multiplayer IO game – Ovar.io!

Have you ever participated in a battle with your family and friends? Haha! It will be interesting, right? Please invite your friends and relatives to join in a fascinating battle with Ovar.io at io games. Do not miss the opportunity to have a relaxing moment with your family and loved ones!

Before joining this fun game, you can choose some pictures of your character. With each character, you will have different experiences about this exciting battle. You can choose a cute warrior, a wicked ghost or a wise soldier. Select a character that you love and build a perfect strategy for it in battle to become the survivor as long as possible.

What are your tasks in Ovar.io at iogames? All you need to do is to control your character wisely around the screen, collect all useful items such as skill, attack, life, big attack, shot…..and destroy other players in the battle. However, that you should not focus on attacking enemies, instead, you need to train your skills and increase your strength in battle.

If you start playing the game, you can only destroy other characters who are smaller in size than you. Once you have become strong and immense, you can destroy everything along the way. Do not forget to avoid colliding with enemy troops because they can destroy you at any time. Go ahead and good luck!

Let’s make some babies! Lead your little soldiers to conquer eggs and attack opponents in this funny multiplayer online IO game, Ovario. Try to collect all kinds of bonuses that will help you become the king of the match. Enjoy Ovar.io!

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Controls: Mouse


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