Modd.io is a game portal which is playable on io unblocked 2 player. You can access several different versions of a zombie apocalypse. Each game version has a different theme such as Christmas, Halloween and Two Houses. When you have chosen a version you enter the game as a single character and must help defend your immediate area against the zombie threat.

At http://iogames.name/, you must collect food to survive and you can also find weapons to defend yourself with against the attacking zombies. Be sure to barricade every door and use large objects to close any gaps in your defenses – your character can be used to push against barriers to hold them in place. With the food you collect you can purchase upgrades and items including a baseball bat and a crowbar! How long can you survive against the impending apocalypse?

We also take the time to suggest the latest games for players around the world to join in the free time like Neuronball and TileMan.io. You can save the game Go to favorites list and update the latest gaming tips today.


To move, press WASD or arrow keys

To grab, press left mouse button

To pick up item, press right mouse button

To drop item, press G

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