Gunz .io is a rough multiplayer online tower defense strategy game full of shots and explosions. Send out your troops to battle your enemies and destroy their towers to win a match at IO 2018.

Every move has a cost, so you have to wait until you have enough energy. Try different strategies to beat real players from all over the world and earn new soldiers and other upgrades for your army. Have fun with Gunz IO!

• Fun shooter .io game action where you battle your way to the top.
• Upgrade your character and their gun as you level up on the battlegrounds.
• Battle online in multiplayer mode or in offline mode against fun AI enemies.
• Plenty of customizable and funny characters to unlock.
• Fun pixel like block style graphics.
• Super fun, easy to learn, hard to master gameplay.

If you love dramatic games, Gunz .io will build a fire under you. The battle with full of shots and explosions is a promise of mind-shattering experiences. Besides, this game is a global online multiplayer game that allow you to meet and compete with players from around the world. What are you looking for? Get everything ready and Fight! Your chances of winning the game are dependent on your skill of handling situation and ability to analyze. Here at .io games, to win the match, you have to build flexible strategies to deal with many unexpected situations. And your main actions are to send out your troops to battle your enemies and destroy their towers. Think carefully to choose the right gang and place him in the right position. You should pay attention to your degree of energy, sometimes it goes down, you have to wait until it gets well again to take the next move. You also should know that the battle only takes place within 3 minutes, so try as hard as you can to earn new soldiers and other upgrades for your army. Good luck at io games!

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Controls: Mouse

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