Gulch.io is a fun 2D battle royale game that you can play here on io games unblocked. Tactics play an important role in this game as you start with nothing, and you need to find equipment to make yourself stronger. The real goal of the game is to detroy everything you meet on your way. Make enemies run away from you in Gulch.io.

At http://iogames.name/, you think you can Gulch? The divide is wide can you make it? Choose a color and then parachute into a free for all battle extreme! It’s you vs the world in a game that lets you choose from multiple weapons, and items as well as ammunition. You can also power up your player with all kinds of armor, helmets, shields, and forcefields. Keep tabs on your inventory and craft your way to victory. You’ll be going toe to toe with other players from around the world.

Share a game with other players. In addition, you can also participate in some similar games such as Zombain.io and Arx Arcana: Dungeon Royale


Use the WASD to move

LMB to shoot

RMB to aim

F to open a door

F to pick-up an item

I to access inventory

M to open map

Enter to chat

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