Goons .io is a cool multiplayer online IO games that guarantees lots of fun. Enter a nickname and step into the gamefield full of highly competitive players from around the world, who will try to kill your character with swords.

Defend yourself by any means using your lethal weapon and collect as many little colored dots as you can to make it larger. The more points a player has, the more orbs it will leave behind for you to absorb when they die, so go and hunt down some skillful players to own the largest blade on the field at io free games.

Popular io game is now on mobile! Clown Games presents Goons.io!
FOES OR FRIENDS? Use your sword to slash other goons to show whether you are friends or foes.
IO GAME WITH EASY CONTROLS! Swing your sword with tap of a button. Dash into a combat as a rusher or dodge away from it like a knight warrior!

DEVELOP STRATEGIES! Sharpen blades and belt swords to survive in battleground of players with unknown characteristics: rushers, defenders, draggers, knights and warriors – there are many types of foes and strategies in goonsio! Collect dots, slash blobs and slain other goons to grow your sword! Become the champion knight!

COLLECTIBLES! There are io game objectives with skin rewards for you to achieve! Unlock unique goons skins (curl, spike, zomb and more!) for your characters and swords!

The creator of popular io games like Blobie.io, Shooters.io, Fisp.io and Pikes.io presents Goons.io Knight Warriors for your whole family now. Play when you are online and offline with IO 2018.

Have fun with Goons IO!

Controls: Mouse = move, Space / Click = attack, Right Click = boost

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