If you are a fan of attractive multiplayer games, I suggest that you shouldn’t miss any chance to explore Germs.io at io io – one of the best games in the multiplayer game genre here. How long can you survive in this game? It all depends on your fighting skills and your ability to observe in the battle.

In this game, your greatest goal is to survive as long as possible in the battle. To survive, you will face many difficulties and challenges. Your goal is to collect the small balls on the screen and help your ball to grow in size. In particular, you should remember that the more balls you collect, the bigger the size of the balls you are. Take advantage of every opportunity and condition to become the biggest ball in the game.

To collect the balls, you simply control your ball to move constantly on the screen and eat them. Keep your eyes to observe carefully and avoid touching other balls that are larger than your ball in the battle because they can kill your ball any time at iogames.name.

What is the rule of this game? Big balls will eat small balls. So, if you want to become king of the match, you must be the biggest ball on the screen. However, you also must avoid colliding obstacles because they can break your ball into many other small balls. From there, the strength of your ball will be significantly reduced. Are you ready to play more with Bonk io unblocked game at all io games? Good luck!

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