The universe and the planets are always a fascinating subject that people love and learn in life. Because there are myths about gods, lords, supernatural powers, and even aliens in the galaxy. So, becoming a cosmonaut and flying into space to explore mysteries has become the dream of most people. And you too, right? Don’t hesitate anymore! Get into a spaceship and enjoy the exciting experience with your friends in Galax.io at io games now. However, here, a criminal power is encircling the universe and wanting to destroy our world. Use your ingenuity to navigate the spaceship carefully in the sky and shoot down enemy spaceships. Notice that, the space in the universe is quite dark, so you should observe carefully from all sides to avoid being attacked unexpectedly by the enemy in the battle. Especially, with cool 3D graphics, it will make you feel like a real adventure in the universe and memorable experiences in life. Play online and download for free at games io now. Congratulations! You have conquered Galax.io at iogames!

Galax.io is an awesome .io Game that you can play for free on Iogames.space, along with many other awesome games like galax.io! Navigate your spaceship through a galaxy filled with asteroids and crazy, competitive players just like you.

In Galax.io your main objective is to get rid of your opponents by shooting your futuristic laser cannon all over the battle zone.

Earn points for every kill and customize your ship or buy a new, better one. Don’t stop until you are number one on the scoreboard and let them all know who the boss of the galaxy is. Enjoy Galaxio!

Controls: Arrows / WASD = move, Spacebar = shoot

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