Dogar io – new agar.io clone game. look like agar.io but called dogar.io or dogargame.io , play like agar io but with colors and things to take and use at IO free games.

The fun online games .IO are back. Become one of the best ones!The best free games from all over the internet just for you. Dogar is the doggy-styled Agario with more game modes. Paint territory for your team, capture the flag, play Agario soccer in this io game.

OMG, hordes of memes, everywhere and they are obviously after you in the Agario-like game Dogar. Keep calm bud and slurp ’em all up. Whereby you only can eat the smaller ones. So you must try to escape the bigger blobs or they will devour you. How long can you last in the world of Dogar? Much fun!

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Controls: Mouse

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