Running games from IO online 2019 get an update with the special io features! You can find this kind of thrilling combination of gaming selection in DinosaurGame.io, the new game that is both cute and hilarious. All players will join the same platform, which resembles the prominent feature found in any io game choice. You will be controlling a lovely dino so as to go as far as possible and avoid all the obstacles on the path.

The dino will run automatically so you can only control the lanes. The further you manage to reach, the more scores you will gain since it’s a running game after all. You will meet tons of obstacles such as the cactus and duck popping up randomly on your journey at http://iogames.name/. Staying focus will be the key to avoid touching these obstacles.

For beginners, keep in mind that the cactus appears right from the beginning of the game, while the duck only starts showing up after you get 450 points.Moreover, the background mode will change from white to black when you reach a certain checkpoint. which makes the game a bit more difficult.

It’s the chance to compete with friends from all around the world for a new experience! Don’t forget about other games like Drawaria.online and Knor.io with the same theme!


Use the Spacebar or Up arrow to jump and start over

Down arrow to avoid the flying duck

Alt button to pause and continue the game.

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