Defly IO is an attractive and interesting multiplayer game in which you will have to fight with many other players to win in each battle. This game requires you to have many skills and tactics in the game. Therefore, you need to regularly practice and improve some skills such as vision, shooting ability, flying skills and interaction skills in each situation. Here, your mission is to control the planes carefully and capture as much space as possible. To own the space, you just control the plane to connect the points on the screen and create sealed squares. Try to get as much space in the sky as possible and survive as long as possible you can in battle. In addition, you can attack enemies by destroying their space. You only need to shoot continuously at the lines and occupy their property. After the lines are destroyed, the enemy’s space decreases. This means that the strength and fortune of the enemy will be significantly reduced. However, one special thing is that you should avoid the enemy’s bullets because it can destroy you instantly in the match. Are you ready to experience the same Defly IO with io games yet? Everything is available for you here. If you want to play more with some related games such as Nobrakes.io at games io.

Controls: The players can use WASD to control your plane, space or the mouse to aim, build or fire in the game.

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