Buzzy Bees brings the experience of the latest io game for the fans of this genre in IO 2019. The main features of the game remain the same as those in any other io game choices, but you can look forward to an elaborated setting. The players will join the quest to build their own beehive from scratch by controlling a bee. The tasks include gathering pollen from the flower, bringing that back to the hive in order to make honey. Keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to be the top bee with the biggest, strongest hive in the arena!

Since the game involves teamwork, you will join the players from all around the world to form your own team. Teammates all use and share the same Honey and need to work together to win as a team. You can purchase more items like stronger Stingers to make your bees more powerful and your hive more stable against attacks. If you manage to take down the hives of other teams, you can buy even more units like guards and gatherers for your own team. There is a limit of the number of hives so pay attention closely.

In this game at http://iogames.name/, dead hives and bees will despawn properly in an automatic way. Are you ready to assist your team in gathering the pollen? After this game, try out other games like DinosaurGame.io and Drawaria.online for more challenges!


Use the left mouse to use the items and shoot.

B key to open the shop

T key to see the teams.

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