Brains io is a fun, zombie-themed, match-based multiplayer online IO game. All players start each match as humans, once the outbreak happens, zombies will hunt down players and turn them into undeads.

This is the new io game bonk braains io

The player is a soldier and must shoot all zombies

Once a zombie touches a human survivor, the survivor becomes zombie him/herself.

Brains.io is a zombie offline game with reflex action.

Build barricades against the zombies

The goal is for the humans to hide and escape until time runs out. If a human is still alive by the end of the match, humans win. When a player turns into a zombie, he automatically joins the zombie team, having to chase remaining humans. If all humans die before the end of the match, the zombies get the victory. Brains, Braains, Braaaaaaains – Enjoy Brains IO!

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Controls: Arrows / WASD = move, Mouse = rotate / grab / shoot

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