Bombing games are the best choices for a group of more than 2 friends to share the hilarious time trying to chase each other in a cool map. Now, this new IO game will take the experience in the classic bombing games to a whole new level. With Bomber.IO online, all it takes is a click on free io game to enjoy this multiplayer game with the main character as Bomberman!

The gameplay is almost the same as that in classic Bomb game, but you will be competing in an IO battlefield this time. Instead of keeping track of the time and playing in a limited space, you can freely roam this large map. The game only ends when someone manages to defeat all the other players. That can be you! How can you dominate this field filled with bombs?

The tip is to choose the best spot to trick the other players into moving into the bombing range. Each of the players has his or her own bombs with unique features to explode objects and open up the path. When you first join the game, the game allows you to pick out the head, bombs, clothes, and color of the character at http://iogames.name/. This customization will make your bomber stand out among the crowded map.

Also, do your best to spot and pick up the power-ups. These will be helpful as they can make your character stronger! Other games such as ZombiesWithGuns.io and Happy Snakes can bring a thrilling gaming experience for you as well, so don’t hesitate to check them out!


Move with arrow keys, place the bombs with spacebar and interact using the mouse.

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