Blockor.io is an awesome .io Game that you can play for free on Iogames.space, along with many other awesome games like IO Games!

Trapped in a world where blocks are food and BIG spinning blocks are enemies. Your goal is to grow as large as you can by consuming blocks scattered around the map while avoiding, or killing other players. Spin your mass to strategically grow or just cruise around growing your crazy shape.

Some say size doesn’t matter. Some others play IO games free. In this fun multiplayer online Blockor.io game, you start as a tiny little block collecting other tiny little blocks that combine to make bigger ones.

Grind your way through the horde of other players to the top of the leaderboards! Absorb smaller blocks around you to fortify your cluster, and better your chances against other players in PvP clashes at io for school.

Move through the map adding square pieces to build huge, strong blocks and keep in mind, each block can only destroy smaller ones. Attack other players in order to destroy their blocks and add all small pieces to your own structure, but be smart and don’t hit bigger squares or you’ll loose yours.

One last thing: protect your heart by any means, or you will lose the game. Have fun with Blockorio!

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Controls: Mouse

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