If you are looking for an amazingly fun-addicting multiplayer that is also available online, take this chance and explore Blastarena.io! It’s a new io game for both boys and girls at IO kid games with the 3D graphics and a top view for a better experience. Your mission is to run around the labyrinth while trying to place bombs.

It’s for blasting the walls and clearing your way so as to discover new paths. While moving through the place, do your best to kill other players by placing your explosive bombs at the smart places near them. A tip for the beginners is to remember the damage range to avoid being affected by the bombs yourself.

During the process of blowing up walls, look out for the hidden power-ups that will help you win the matches faster. More scores can be gained using these power-ups as well! The players who joined this reviewed it as an incredibly fun free for all arena game. You can have fun with a variety of small blocky characters in the arena as well.

This game comes with a special point of view that allows the kids to look at the progress from the top down spot, which makes it much more easier for tracking. Other than this one, we have plenty of other io games such as TeamBall.io and Pirate Battle .io that bring new features and updates for free!


Use the arrows or WASD key to move

Place bombs using the spacebar.

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