The foxes in BigfoxWarz.io are about to start the war to choose the ultimate king of the jungle. Will you join this thrilling war in IO online to claim the most prestigious title? The first thing to do is to enter a nickname and choose your own tiny little fox. The character will be placed on a forest packed with evil enemies who are approaching you immediately.

Therefore, start moving around to gather all the fruits scattered on the ground. These will help you to grow in size and level up faster. Beware of other bigger foxes and stay alert to avoid being swallowed by them. Other than running away, you can take advantage of the available holes to hide from larger foxes. There is nothing dangerous about these.

In fact, the special thing about these holes is that when you enter one hole, you can instantly reappear on another part of the field through another. Use them to your advantage and move flexibly around the place at http://iogames.name/. Stay alert all the time since the enemies are close by. A tip for the new players is to avoid the danger zone while your fox is still small.

Gain strength from defeating the smaller foxes as well! There are a ton of other good io games like Twix.io and Hand Spinner IO 3D that you can play during your free time without any obstacles!


Navigate the fox and move using the mouse.

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