Slither Birds is a fantastic .io game that combines the concept of Slither.io with cute characters from the iconic Angry Birds game in Iogames.name. Before you start the game you can enter a username and pick what type of snake bird you wish to control. The aim of the game is simple. You must gather the multicolored eggs scattered around the map and use them to increase the size of your snake.


Fun IO games about weird slithering creatures that just won’t stop growing are lots of people favorite ones. In this cool multiplayer online Slither Birds game you get look like some of the characters from the very popular Angry Birds game, only difference is you don’t fly, you crawl around like a creepy worm. Collect eggs and kill other players to eat them and grow as much as you can to become the ultimate undefeatable killer slither bird on the screen. Just make them touch your body with their heads to kill them. Surround them once you are big enough, that never fails.

For each egg you collect your snake increase by one piece in size. You must avoid contact with other players otherwise your snake well be destroyed. To defeat your opponents you must try and surround them and force them to crash into your own snake’s body. You can use a speed boost to bypass your enemies, but this speed boost also decreases the size of your snake so be careful! Can you create an immense snake bird and dominate the arena?

This game is the sister-game of Flap Angry Bird.


Controls: Mouse = move, Left click = boost (lose mass)

  • TANX
  • Blobgame.io
  • Gallons.io
  • Pacman.io
  • Areena.io
  • Flaap IO
  • Trains.io 3D
  • Snake.is
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  • Rusher.io
  • Mageclash.io
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  • Wordsoccer.io
  • Trigon.io
  • Nobrakes.io
  • Stickman Warriors
  • Bladers.io


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