Once upon a time, in a beautiful forest, darkness appeared and covered all over. The sun gradually disappears and the life of the forest is on the brink of extinction. An evil force with beasts surrounded the forest and destroyed life. We need a talented hero to save the world. Who has enough talent and confidence to defeat the evil forces? It completely could be you. Jump into at gamesio and awaken your talent now! In this mysterious forest, your task is to destroy the enemy waves and survive safely in the dark. Note that, the enemy will appear everywhere and always stalk to kill you immediately on the way. Keep your gun to shoot enemies until they run out of energy and disappear in the battle. In particular, when many players show up on the screen and attack you at the same time, you should not attack them, hide in a bush and wait for the right opportunity to kill them. Do you understand? Hurry up! The enemy is coming. Ready to defeat them at io.games now!

Play this fun multiplayer online Arraw IO game. You control a little round fella armed with a bow and arrow at Io for school. Move through the forest and try to hunt down other players or dreadful bears to earn points and level up.

Increase your archer stats, such as arrow damage, arrow speed or your max health to become the best archer on the field. If your name reaches the top of the scoreboard, you will wear a crown, and you position will appear on the map, which means you could become target number one for all other players. Enjoy the cool arrow io game Arrawio!

Controls: Mouse = move, Left click = shoot

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