The battle between life and death is about to take place in Anomal.io. Warning! This is an important battle and there are thousands of other talented players around the world. So finding the best players in this battle is extremely fascinating. You do not want to miss this opportunity? Jump into Anomal.io at games io now!

In this fun multiplayer game, you will control a square block and your task is to collect as many apples and chicken as possible. Why do you have to collect these items? Because they will help you increase in size and strength in this battle.

One more thing, the more apples and meat you collect, the bigger you will be in the battle. In particular, if you become the biggest player, you can attack every opponent and occupy the rankings. All other players will have to flee before you. Haha! So great!

Note that, there are many dangerous enemies in a match, so you have to observe carefully and avoid being killed by other players. Moreover, you can only kill enemies who are smaller in size than you. When you meet bigger enemies, you should move quickly and focus on picking apples and meat.

Many wonderful things are waiting for you in Anomal.io at gamesio. I bet that you will get a great experience while playing this game with your friends. Much fun!

Live the life of a hungry wild animal in the fun multiplayer online game at iogames.name, Anomal.io!Eat food, avoid mushrooms, go bigger and eat others! The best io game!

Move around the screen eating tons of food and other smaller players to keep growing and get a higher score. Avoid eating those disgusting mushrooms that will make you throw up all your precious food. The first one to get a score of 1000 wins the round.  If you like io game online, you will love the cool Wormax.io & Wormate.io! Have fun with Anomalio!


  1. WASD = move,
  2. Spacebar / B = Boost


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