FireBoy and WaterGirl 4: In the Crystal Temple, our two captivated heroes are by and by caught in a tangled structure pressed with fortune and danger. They’ll have to cooperate to discover their path securely through every level, with FireBoy capturing the red diamonds and WaterGirl the blue, however, there’s a catch that has nothing to do with false prepared desserts.


Making sense of how to get to every exit, for the most part, isn’t that troublesome, and getting every jewel very little more so. In any case, attempting to do all that in a rush? You’ll have to think quick and frame a ceasefire between both hands on the off chance that you need to prevail here.


Two characters in FireBoy and WaterGirl 4 at IO games can’t find the exit. Save them by using your ability. Don’t forget to collect diamonds at each level!

Up to now, water always conflicts with fire. Do you believe that someday they can become closest friends? Nothing is impossible and this has occurred in FireBoy and WaterGirl 4 at Games IO free. In this game, Fire and Water are close friends who combine together to overcome all challenges. It is surprising, right?

However, they need your help because they are unable to pass all obstacles as well as find the exit. Help them collect diamonds and find keys (red ones for FireBoy and blue ones for WaterGirl) at IOGames. Doing this is not easy because there are many deadly traps appearing on all the ways such as water lakes, fire lakes and so on.

Water lakes will kill FireBoy, so don’t let him go there and the same thing will happen to WaterGirl if she is in fire lakes. If they encounter obstacles, use the handles or buttons to solve. Make an intelligent decision to help them collect all diamonds and find the exit at each level. Good luck when playing at .IO Games!

It couldn’t be any more obvious, as in the past amusements, you control WaterGirl with [WASD] and FireBoy with the [arrow] keys, and you have to keep them far from their restricting components. WaterGirl shouldn’t scrub down, however, FireBoy can swim through it fine, and both saints need to evade the green corrosive.


On the off chance that both of them passes on, you need to begin the level all once again once more. This time, nonetheless, you wind up in a sanctuary where there are entrances all over the place.


Every entryway sits in a jewel edge and connections to the next indistinguishable casing somewhere else on the level, yet a few entries have diverse goals relying upon which side you enter, so recollect that the white sparkle connections to white, and the dark to dark, the length of the pearl hues relate. Some should be initiated by squeezing catches or flipping switches, and you can even push protests through them.


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se the W, A, S, D keys to control WaterGirl and control FireBoy by using the arrow keys.

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